About Us


This site is ran by the “K” of L2K. It’s a mother daughter duo. One day in March, Lavern said we should do t shirts and put your Cricut to use. Kennisha is a teacher whose purpose of the Cricut was simply school related crafts. Little did she know that the possibilities were endless. So while Kennisha creates the ideas and handles the technical. Lavern will press, package, seal, promote and more. So it was time to create a name and a color scheme. The colors were easy. Kennisha being an AKA breaths pink and green. Lavern’s favorite colors are purple and orange. The name is a spin off of the other company’s name in the house Two K Trucking. Next. Coming up with the tag line was easy.

We love what we do and we are here to offer you whatever Kennisha can create and master.